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16/07/2019, 17:02:35

1. Do you guarantee your products?

We guarantee our products depending on the requirement and agreement between the customer and us.

2. Do your products meet international standards?

Our products meet British Standards (BS EN 581) and Japan Industrial Standards (JIS), which are very famous in the world for the reliance.

3. Could you offer us a special price for making a good relationship?

We offer very best prices with our kindest attention for any large and regular orders.

4. How can we receive your quotations and any further information?

Please do not hesitate to let us know your inquiry, we will get back to you very soon via email or fax.

5. How does your company know the proper way of production to meet European standards?

Thanks to the sponsorship of Royal Danish Government in the Private Sector Development Programmed, our key production technicians were trained in VN and in Europe also. Besides, we regularly process the Chain of Custody (CoC) in our factories, ensuring the quality of products reaching any strict markets' standards. Moreover, we have a very experienced Japanese partner, who has supported us much in technical issues.

6. Where've you imported the machinery for production?

So far, we have chosen Germany, Italy and Taiwan for main import resources of machinery to our factories. Our suppliers are BALESTRINI (ITALIA), SCM (ITALIA), PADE (ITALIA), ALTENDORF (GERMANY), WAGNER (GERMANY), GRAGO (USA), WEINIG (SINGAPORE), FULLPOWER (TAIWAN), BIG TOYO (TAIWAN)…etc.

7. What kind and quality of glue, oil and coating have you applied in making products?

To ensure the durability and the appearance of the products, we have applied:

  • Glue from Japan, named KONY BOND, for various types of structural laminated timber, furniture & general woodworking, wood lamination and high-frequency bonding. It reaches JIS 6806 (Japan) and DIN EN 204 class D4 of Europe.
  • Teak oil from Germany, named JOWAT, for protecting the products from various weather conditions, and for smooth surface.
  • Stain, wood filler, sealer, top coat from Malaysia, supplied by INCHEM, which is fast drying with good built, good filling, good sand ability, good hardness and good appearance.

8. How do you produce and develop your wooden products without running out of tree?

  • Participating in plantation programs. Every year we manage & take care of 4,000 ha forest, and grow 100 ha to replenish forests.
  • Reducing the natural forest wood utilization, we have also developed the products from MDF, Plywood & Veneer

9. Can I get TTF’s e-catalogue?

Unfortunately, we do not have catalogs online that can be sent directly to consumers. Our catalogs are available for viewing at authorized Truong Thanh Furniture Stores and our agency

10. How are our products packaged?

All of products are packaged in several layers to protect the items inside. We use plastic sleeves, bubble wrap, foam sheets, styrofoam, honey-comb paper, and corrugated cardboard boxes as packing. All are designed to have no moving or shifting areas to minimize damage

11. What kind of steel or metal do you use in you metal product line?

We use high tensile steel tubing in various forms or shapes and combine them with wrought iron parts to achieve certain looks and shapes. We powder coat the steel and can attain any finish or texture that is available on the market today

12. Can you match your products with our color?

Yes, we will try to do the best to match your color. Please kindly send us samples of the stain then we will match the color by ourselves.

13. Can you make items of our own design?

Yes, we accept customized designs and we will provide you with even better quality to exceed your expectations.

14. Sometime some spare parts need to be replaced, how can I get it?

We include sufficient quantity of spare part/hardware in shipment if you request at the beginning of quotation process.


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